Find the PERFECT PROPERTY IS ONLY THE BEGINNING and we take care of the rest too... That's what makes us different.  

Our property management is comprehensive. We offer an exclusive, personalised and complete service, from the search for the property to the signature at the Notary, and even beyond.


  • We locate the perfect property or investment for the client in the WHOLE Balearic real estate market, as we do not limit ourselves to the properties in our portfolio because we are lucky to collaborate with countless professionals in the sector.

  • We negotiate the best conditions for our clients.

  • We advise you during the whole process of buying and selling, transfers, renting of habitual residence, seasonal renting, tourist or holiday renting...

  • We supervise and/or draw up contracts for purchase, rent, reservation, lease, transfer, etc.

  • We check the urban development, registration and legal situation of the property, as well as the need for permits or licenses.

  • In addition, if you need to build, reform or decorate a property, we put the best professionals at your disposal and, if you wish, we manage, process or supervise all the legal procedures of the process.

As we are not only real estate mediators since we are also expert lawyers in the field, our clients can leave the whole process in the same hands with the peace of mind and security of knowing that their real estate operation will be a success from the beginning and that they will not have to fear unpleasant surprises.



Our goal is that our customers are satisfied and feel covered, calm and safe at all times.